June 13, 2024

Pest control is necessary for Round Rock residents who face severe pest infestations like termites, cockroaches, rodents, bed bugs, etc. While individuals may take some measures to reduce the infestations, there’s a good chance that such measures won’t provide long-lasting solutions.

However, you can hire pest control Round Rock services that offer advanced techniques and eco-friendly products. It will ensure your home is thoroughly treated and protected against future infestations.

How to prepare for a pest control treatment

You should consider a few things before calling a pest control team to your house to ensure the whole procedure is smooth for both parties. Here are some things to do before a pest control treatment.

  • Remove large appliances and furniture to provide easy access for the pest control team to reach every corner.
  • Ensure that you pack away your stuff, remove bed sheets, curtains, pillows, mattresses, etc., and cover your sofas, chairs, and other furniture. Covering your stuff with cloth sheets won’t work, as chemicals could penetrate them.
  • Clear out the utensils, cutleries, and other stuff from the kitchen to ensure that the place gets thoroughly treated, as most pests are attracted to kitchens.
  • Cover the water sources, remove kitchen appliances, and remove all food items that may be contaminated.
  • Pets may be susceptible to chemicals. Therefore, it is advised to drop them off at some safe place. Also, store their bedding and toys carefully. 

Things to take care of after a pest control treatment

Once the pest control treatment is over, follow the following steps to ensure that everything is in place.

  • Before returning home, you should wait until the recommended time, as chemicals may harm you.
  • You should discard any food accidentally left outside, even if the pest control team uses organic pesticides, as consuming such food can lead to several health issues. 
  • Do not clean or mop the area immediately. In most cases, the pest control team will clean all the mess before leaving and recommend when to clean next.
  • Repair any leaks, as water leakages may lead to re-infestation of pests.
  • Use protective gear like masks and gloves to immediately handle the sprayed surface.

Potential side effects of a pest control treatment on health

Pest control treatment can often lead to physical problems. You may experience:-

  • Irritation and itchiness in the throat
  • Trouble breathing, especially if you have asthma
  • Dizziness or lightheadedness
  • Watery and itchy eyes
  • Itching and rashes on the skin