July 23, 2024

This article will help you if you are trying to find out how to get rid of lizards. This article will teach you a few proven techniques for permanently and naturally getting rid of lizards at home.

In many homes, geckos or lizards are everyday mates. These little reptiles are essential parts of the ecosystem we live in. They control bug populations by consuming them. Therefore, it is better to remove them rather than kill them. A lot of house lizards are not harmful or toxic. Many stories and individuals claim their innocence. However, we will be honest: lizards still scare us. You have to be serious if you want to get rid of them. Contact a pest control company in Vancouver to help eliminate lizards from your home. 

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Eliminating Lizards At Home Permanently And Naturally

When the temperature rises, these awful creatures come inside the house. Also, getting rid of them is challenging for you. Because they are intelligent and can run rapidly on their little feet, lizards are nearly impossible to catch. There are a few proven methods for eliminating common house reptiles that you can use without any hassle and by using things that are usually available in the house.

  • Ground coffee

It is challenging to get rid of house lizards in homes. You might be shocked to learn, though, that coffee powder can keep them out of your house. You read correctly.

Like cockroaches, lizards are afraid of the strong scent of coffee powder. You need to use your coffee powder if you want to get rid of lizards from your home without harming them. Spread the powder over all lizard-inhabited locations. The potent smell will make them run from your house.

  • Coffee and Tobacco mixture

It is more effective to use tobacco and coffee powder together than to use only coffee powder alone. However, using this method may kill the lizards. Therefore, avoid applying this tactic just to deter them; rather do it when you intend to kill.

All you have to do is develop little balls using a tobacco and coffee powder mixture. After the balls are made, put them in the room’s corners and other areas that lizards like to sprawl out. The mixture’s scent will attract the geckos.

  • Onion or Shallots

Shallots or onions are excellent lizard repellents. Use shallots or onions as an eco-friendly natural method for keeping off creepy crawlies. You most likely have them in your kitchen.

Sulfur compounds are found in shallots and onions. Their high sulfur level gives them a strong odor. Onions have a powerful, pungent smell that lizards can not bear. Thus, they will leave your house. They will not try to enter your home again, too.

  • Eggshells

Eggshells are a good remedy to eliminate lizards from your house. Hence, do not throw away the eggshells next time you make eggs in your house. Just keep the shells in places where lizards appear in your house the most, such as doors, hall areas, and windows. Also, do not forget to remove the eggshells from the places you kept them to avoid the smell from staying around your house.